A Myth to be Told: Concert by Nana Mouskouri

The celebrated international Greek artist, well-known throughout Europe for the song "The White Rose of Athens", will perform some of her best-known songs under the sacred rock of Acropolis.
Odeon of Herodes Atticus Music concert Nana Mouskouri
Average Cost: 20€ - 85€
Upcoming Event Date: 05/Jul/2018 21:00

Agamemnon by Aeschylus at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Agamemnon is a bleak play. However, let it take you to a journey to this play's world, a journey that is substantial and exciting. Our guide - Poetry - knows the path to joy.
Theater English surtitles Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
Average Cost: 6.40€ - 40.50€
Upcoming Event Date: 06/Jul/2018 21:00

Amarynthos: Documentary theater

A documentary theater performance that sheds light to the mechanisms of truth fabrication and justice through the presentation of the story of a schoolgirl of foreign background that was gang-raped by her classmates in a small provincial town.
English surtitles Racism Greek Festival Theatrical documentary
Average Cost: To be announced soon
Upcoming Event Date: 04/Jul/2018 21:00

Antigone by Sophocles at the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus

From just lord and keeper of the law, Creon becomes an obsessive tyrant; his stance precipitates three suicides. Who is the true tragic character?
English surtitles Ancient Greek tradegy Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus
Average Cost: 10€ - 25€
Upcoming Event Date: 20/Jul/2018 21:30

Antigone by Sophocles at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus

A play that has become emblematic of resistance to power.
Theater English surtitles Ancient Greek tragedy
Average Cost: 15€ - 50€
Upcoming Event Date: 11/Jul/2018 21:00

Aqua Jazz Athens: Three-day music event

Jazz meets the traditional Mediterranean music and instruments in a three-day music event, made of workshops, collaborations and evening concerts.
Conservatory of Athens Jazz and Mediterranean music
Average Cost: 15€ (Reduced: 5€ - 7€)
Upcoming Event Date: 09/Jul/2018 21:00

Art, love, madness: Literature and Film by Lynne Tillman & Ranbir Sidhu

Lynne Tillman will join award-winning author and filmmaker Ranbir Sidhu in a lively conversation about writing, art, the modern world, and her years living in Greece in the early 1970s.
Lynne Tillman & Ranbir Sidhu Greek Theater of New York Film and Reading
Average Cost: 10€
Upcoming Event Date: 26/Jun/2018 20:00

Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2018: Marathon Race and Power Walking (42km)

The major athletic event in Greece will welcome more than 50,000 runners. Run the race, fight the distance!
Athens Marathon Running race 42km race Power walking
Average Cost: 30€ - 100€
Upcoming Event Date: 11/Nov/2018 09:00

Bach meets Kennedy meets Gershwin by Nigel Kennedy

Nigel Kennedy is one of the top violinists of his generation and the best-selling violinist in the history of music.
Greek Festival Violin performance Nigel Kennedy
Average Cost: 22€ - 90€
Upcoming Event Date: 17/Jul/2018 21:00

Beat Box: Vocal acrobatics in Contemporary Music by Frauke Aulbert

Beat Box art meets contemporary music, through the vocal acrobatics of Frauke Aulbert, also known as Hamburg’s queen of avant-garde.
Greek National Opera SNFCC Contemporay music
Average Cost: 12€ - 15€ (Reduced: 8€)
Upcoming Event Date: 04/Jul/2018 20:30
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