How we select activities

In your Think Athens Agenda you will not find hundreds of restaurants, sights and activities. You’ll find only the best  things to see and do in Athens for the dates of your trip. 

Our local experts follow a very picky process when selecting activities. Each and every activity we recommend meets all below selection criteria.

Activities selection criteria:
1. Meet top quality standards of safety, good value for money, professionalism, respectful attitude
From a traditional tavern, to the most expensive restaurant in the city, we make sure you’ll be safe and have the experience you deserve. We have personally tried all recommended activities more than once and can guarantee for them.

2. Be top rated in global, trusted platforms
All our recommendations are rated with at least 8.2/10 on Foursquare and 4.2/5 on Google. Also, we make sure they have no negative reviews on important aspects in any of these platforms.

3. Be representative of authentic Athens lifestyle
Our goal is that on your way back home, you’ll feel you saw not only the best, but also the most authentic version of Athens. We do not limit our recommendations to local-like activities. Yet we make sure that you’ll feel like an Athenian many times during your trip. For example, for a fast and affordable meal, we will recommend you the best souvlaki places of the city, not the best places for Asian street food (although we also love it!).

4. Have a touch of arts and culture, or – as we say it – be a “good life” activity
This does not mean that we recommend only highly sophisticated places. A touch of culture may be small things that however make a big difference like the decoration, the music or even the people. Of course some recommendations, as for example the ones relevant to transportation, don’t exactly meet this criterion, but are there to support good life activities.

5. Be relevant to the foreign audience and do not require knowledge of Greek
No, we will not send you to a Greek speaking theater, unless it has English surtitles.

6. Make sense for a few-day trip
Our goal is to help you learn and enjoy Athens, keeping a good balance between visitors’ and locals’ activities. So, we recommend you choices that make sense for the length of your trip. We make exceptions when it comes to activities or events of specific interest, for example an exhibition immersing in Greek architecture, if our local experts think it is worth it.

7. No look-alike choices
Our job is to make it easy for you to create the ideal trip plan. We want you to not get lost in choices that look alike. Saying so, don’t expect to see in your agenda all good restaurants of one neighborhood, for example. You’ll see only the best ones of each cuisine, each style, and each neighborhood. Every activity has a clear differentiation point compared to any other activity of your agenda.