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See functional models of ancient Greek inventions, such as the robot-servant of Philo, the cinema of Hero or the analog computer of Antikythera.
Ancient greece Kids Technology
Average Cost: 4€

The exhibition “The amazing inventions of the ancient Greeks” presents functional models of some of the most extraordinary ancient Greek inventions, from the “robot-servant” of Philo and the “hydraulic telegraph” of Aeneas to the “cinema” of Hero, and from the automatic clock of Ctesibius and the astrolabe of Ptolemy to the “analog computer” of Antikythera – a selection of the exhibits of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas that operates at Katakolon port and Ancient Olympia. These models were constructed after a long and extensive study of ancient Greek, Latin and Arabic literature, information from vase painting and the few relevant archaeological finds.

This exhibition aims to demonstrate that the technology of the ancient Greeks, just before the end of the ancient Greek world, was shockingly similar to the beginning of our modern technology. An important cultural initiative, which promotes Greece internationally as the foundation of Western civilization.

Design-Scientific Review:
Kostas Kotsanas, founder of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology.


Opening hours:
Daily & weekends: 10:00-18:00
Thursday: 10:00-20:00

Guided tours:
Every Saturday & Sunday at 11:00-12:30 and at 13:00-14:30 you have the chance to participate in the interactive guided tours, executed in English.
The interactive tours include guided tour in cooperation with Mr. Kostas Kotsanas, curator of the exhibition and interactive activities with the exhibits.
To attend the interactive guided tour you only need to reserve your seat by writing to or by calling at 0030 211 01 26 486 (daily & weekends, 10:00-18:00).
Participation cost (including admission): 10,00 €