Anafiotika cafe-restaurant: all eras blended magically to define Athenian beauty

An excellent choice for coffee, lunch or dinner at the heart of Anafiotika neighbourhood, built at the foot of Acropolis.
Acropolis Coffee Food Historical centre
Average Cost: 5€-15€

It’s difficult to describe this “kafeneion” (= traditional, old-style, Greek cafe), as what makes it so special is the combination of different things:

– It is located at Anafiotika neighbourhood, below Acropolis. It’s not the only cafe-restaurant there, but it probably has the best location. On its little balconies you can enjoy your coffee at a semi-private setting.

– The aura is just unique, resulting from a mix of ancient, old and modern Athens. The colours, the music, even the soft lights of the little cobblestones around, they all add a touch of magic, instantly felt in this place.

– Anafiotika is loved mostly by young people, but you will meet older people as well or even foreigners, blended with the locals.

Accompany your wine or ouzo with plates called “poikilies” (=varieties).

You can make your reservation online and get exclusive discounts. It’s quick, easy and free of charge!