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Explore Athens like a local

Explore Athens like a local in a private tour, customized according to your own preferences.
Athens tours Like a local
Average Cost: 40€ - 160€ per person

Do you wish to experience Athens like a local? Greeking.me is a team of passionate Greek travel professionals, whose objective is to show you in a guided tour the authentic character of Athens. As they say, “stop being a tourist, start becoming an explorer”!

Their guided experiences, listed below, are offered both on schedule, for teams up to 12 people and privately. Booking a private tour, you are offered the flexibility to choose:

  • the date and time of the experience
  • your preferred language
  • the meeting point and
  • ask for any other special requests, such as whether you wish to have lunch or dinner as part of the experience.

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Below are some of our favorite tours. Book them easily, using the online form (links below).

1) Athens for foodies

Learn the local food culture and history while walking in Athens city centre! You will start from Syntagma Square and with the guidance of your local food expert, you will discover the most delicious part of Athens! Secret food shops, local vendors, recipes of traditional dishes and tastes that will take your mind away! Only caution: come with an empty stomach! Duration: Half day. Book online here.

2) Morning Strolls

Let your local expert guide you through the most beautiful and historical neighbourhoods of Athens city centre, from Syntagma Square, to Plaka, Anafiotika, Monastiraki and Psirri. Take time to relax, take pictures, explore the offerings of the local shops and have a Greek coffee in a traditional cafe. Duration: Half day. Book online here.

3) Greek Ambrosia

More than a cooking lesson, Greek Ambrosia is the absolute immersion in Greek food culture! Being accompanied and guided by a local trained chef, you will buy the ingredients from the central market of Athens and you will head to a traditional place downtown to learn how to cook Greek dishes and actually prepare your own meal! Duration: Half day. Book online here.

4) Night Crawlers

Immerse into city night life with a romantic, but also insightful tour in the city centre. The evening starts with an enchanting walk, during which you will admire the archaeological sights under the moonlight. Your local expert will tell you about the stories behind them. Then you will be taken to the neighbourhoods where Athenians love to have their drink. Finally, you will be invited to spend the rest of the night with locals and to taste Greek traditional drinks and “mezedes” (= Greek appetizers). Duration: Half day.  Book online here.

5) Mythology Traces

A tour in the Greek mythology and its living remnants, starting from the perimeter of Acropolis. During this walk you will listen about some of the most significant Greek myths and the universal truths hidden behind them, as well as about the rituals and customs of the Athenians. You will also enjoy a Greek coffee in a traditional cafe in Plaka. Duration: Half day. Book online here.

6) Athens Street Art Tour

Street art is a significant upcoming art trend in Greece, linked strongly to political and social reforms. If you enjoy the idea of visiting the alternative and most non-touristic neighbourhoods to discover this artsy part of the city, then this experience is made for you! Duration: Half day Book online here.

7) The Zorba Inside Me

Learn how to dance in the rhythm of traditional Greek folk music with private lessons, done by a professional dance teachers. Then enjoy yourself in the so called Greek “glenti” (=feast) with a lot of good food, music and dance! Duration: Half day. Book online here.

8) Greek Breakfast Experience & The Acropolis

This experience blends uniquely Greek food culture with history! Here is the plan: you start with enjoying Greek breakfast, including very traditional dishes from the islands of Greece, at a cozy place just below Acropolis. Afterwards, you are visiting Acropolis Hill and the Acropolis Museum with the guidance of your local expert. Sightseeing and food, all in one. We love it! Duration: Full day. Book online here.


The price per person for a private tour varies depending on the guest’s requests, but usually is around twice the cost of the scheduled experiences, i.e. from 45€ to 100€. If you prefer the on-schedule group activities, then the cost will be from 29€ to 69€.

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