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Black Duck Garden: Elegant, artistic, with a beautiful garden

From the furniture, the sculptures and the paintings in its inside area to the beautiful garden with the fountain in its yard, Black Duck Garden is one of the most charming places in Athens. Open May - September.
City museum bistrot Garden
Average Cost: Beverages: 5€ / Meals: 25€

In the summer its garden is one of the most beloved meeting points of Athenians, as it looks like a small oasis in the city centre. However, Black Duck Garden is an amazing choice also for the winter, as its indoor space is lovely: split in two rooms, one with modern, cinematic decoration and the other one with marble statues and classical furniture, it makes you feel you live in the middle of two eras! What is also worth mentioning is that the cafe is interconnected with the entrance of the Museum of the City, giving an stronger cultural vibe to the place.

Black Duck Garden is a popular choice for lunch break, preferred by many politicians and artists, so if you plan a visit from 12:00 to 14:30, you ‘d better make a reservation at +30 210 3252396. The menu, almost the same with that of Black Duck, consists of European dishes varying from meat and fish to pasta.

Music plays an important role in Black Duck Garden, as it creates an impeccable atmosphere. From Sinatra and Chopin, to Hadjidakis and Alexandre Desplat, the greatest masterpieces of Greek and foreign music are heard there.

May – September. Daily, 10:00 – 01:00.

Photos: By Black Duck Garden