10 Things Not To Forget When Packing for Your Next City Break

If you are about to go on a city break but don't have the time to think about the things you need to take with you, this list may be of help. Make sure you check everything on the list before heading into your next adventure!
September 30, 2016 by Eirini Cheimoniti

city break

You like travelling, because it helps you learn, have fun, forget about the stressful staff and stay healthy (yes, it’s true; read here why). But what about the travel stress? As most travelers, probably you are anxious of forgetting something important. No, don’t do so! Because we have taken care of this and made a list for you! Below are the top 10 things to not forget.

1. Legal documents: passport, visa, student ID


These items should be on the top of your packing list. Depending on the country that you are going to, a passport might be an absolute necessity, so make sure to reserve time to make one or to renew the existing one. before leaving home.

In case you are a student, there are a lot of places where a student ID could bring you discounts (museums, monthly passes for public transport, etc.)

2. Money: cash, card, local currency


Before leaving home it is important to get money in the currency that the visited country has. Make sure to check if your card is accepted and what the commissions for retrieving money from ATM’s are. Also, be sure to have cash on you; although credit cards are almost universally accepted, there are still places where you can only pay by cash.

3. Medical insurance


Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is a priority. Consider spending some money on a medical insurance, as it can save you a lot of money in case you need some medical care during your trip.

4. Medication/Drugs


If you know you are allergic on something, you should definitely take the medication that you use at home, as it is unsure you will be able to find it in the visiting city. Also, drugs for flu and headaches should make it to your travelling bag.

5. Electronic devices: camera, chargers, memory cards, external battery


The purpose of travelling to a new city is to discover. Make sure you have your camera at hand, with sufficient free space and a 100% loaded battery- you will not want to miss out the beautiful places; also, your friends will be excited to see bits of your trip. An external battery to charge your devices on the go should also be considered – we recommend you get one bigger than 10,000 mA.

6. Reservation confirmation, Tickets


Of course, the confirmation from the hotel and the tickets for the plane/bus/train are among the first things you should put into your bag.

7. Books


It is always a good idea to have a book with you. The flight might be long, you might encounter bad weather, or maybe you just don’t want to miss out on your daily reading. Reading is always a pleasant, value adding and affordable way to keep you entertained when on the road.

8. Driver’s licence

driver's licence

Maybe you will find out that exploring by car the city that you visit is more comfortable or safer. Be sure to take your driver’s license with you.

9. While on the road: water, food

It is important to be well hydrated on the road, so a big bottle of water is a must. Also, you should take some easy-to-eat snacks or make some sandwiches, to keep your stomach full until your first meal at your destination.

10.Mobile apps


Last but not the least, don’t forget your phone. And when talking about the phone, we mean the apps that are in it! You may avoid to overload your device with apps, however some of them, like Google Translate and Moovit can be really helpful.

This was our list of the top 10 things that you should not forget when packing for a city break. Make sure you put in your luggage all the above, as well as a big bag of enthusiasm!

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