Best Apps For a City Break

In this article you'll find a list of the best apps to have with you at your next city break.
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October 28, 2016 by Eirini Cheimoniti


Visiting a new city is a great opportunity to discover new and beautiful places, to talk with interesting people and to take a break from your everyday routine. Although some may argue that by getting lost you actually discover yourself, we believe that getting some help to to stay on track and make the most out of your city break, is good.

In order to help you better organize your next city break, we’ve put around a list of top traveling apps.

1. Google Maps


We all know Google Maps, and we might not use it to its full potential. This app has the capacity of showing anything from the necessary time needed to move from A to B by car, cab, public transport or by walking, to telling you the time certain places are open and offering suggestions to great places you could visit.

2. Moovit


Used by over 30 million people around the world, Moovit app helps you move around with the public transport in the city you visit. It uses your phone location to show you where you are going and it can even figure out by itself when you are on a bus. It tells you how many stations are left until your destination and it announces you when to get down.

3. Cost of Living-Android App


If you are interested in the local prices for specific products, Cost of Living has a big database updated regularly with products and services, from cappuccinos to the monthly rent for a 2 room apartment.

4. Device Manager-Android App


It is a situation we do not wish you to encounter, but accidents happen, and your phone might slide from your pocket without you even noticing it. Device Manager allows you to track your phone, ring it, erase everything from it, all from your laptop.

5. Money Manager


In order to keep track of all your spendings during your city break, Money Manager is a nice place to keep not of your expenses. It offers you monthly overviews and it infoms you about where you are spending your money on most. It is a great app and you can use it everyday, not only during your city break.

6. Beat


In case you need a taxi quickly and at no risk, this app can be of great help! It sends you the nearest taxi, unless you wish to select your driver on your own, based on the relevant users’ reviews. All cars and drivers comply with certain standards. Your route is tracked and you can pay online with your card!

7. Google Translate


This app has a huge potential, especially when you head to a country that uses a different alphabet from the one of your mother tongue. It lets you scan the text using your camera and it in a second gives you back the text in your preferred language. You can also input text and let the app translate it in any language you wish!

There goes our list for the top apps needed for a city break. This list is meant to offer you a quick overview of some apps that have the potential to make your trip more relaxing and interesting.