Plan Your Ideal Trip To Athens Effortlessly

Get your own itinerary to explore the best of Athens in two easy steps!
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May 29, 2019 by Eirini Cheimoniti


So the time you’ve expected for so long has finally come: you’re flying to Athens! It’s only three days before your flight and you are super excited about exploring all that you’ve heard and read about the city. But wait a second, how are you going to fit everything in the few days of your trip? And how do you know you’ll experience the truly best of the city?

Don’t freak out and don’t spend 30+ hours in planning your trip (as the average city traveler does); cause we are here for you: we use technology and local expertise to deliver you in seconds your personal itinerary to the best of Athens, for the exact dates and hours of your trip. Don’t worry, you still have full control of your plan as you can customize it to your own preferences and edit it anytime. What’s more, your agenda, as we call your itinerary, is accompanied by a full written guide for each activity of your schedule. Sounds great? It’s also super easy! Just follow below two easy steps.

1. Enter your date and time of arrival and departure at Think Athens

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It’s that straight forward; no sign up, no personal details.

2. Select activities to form your personal agenda or download a pre-made one

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Create your personal itinerary by selecting activities for each day slot of your trip, depending on your own preferences. Activities include the best of everything: top museums, locals’ favorite restaurants and bars, best events, walks and more. Are you bored to even do that? No problem, just download the pre-made plan we’ve prepared for you. Trust us, it’s really good and designed for all of you who wish to experience the most authentic version of Athens good life.

What is more, you don’t need to search for any information relevant to the activities of your agenda, as for each activity you get a full guide, including everything you need to know about it.

Last but not least, as part of your Think Athens Agenda, you can also download the daily printable maps of your itinerary, so that you have a map view of your daily route, as defined by the selected activities of your agenda.

Hopefully we convinced you that planning the ideal city break is no longer a complex or long process. Ready to explore the best of Athens? Yes, you are!

P.S.: Hey, did we mention you can download your agenda and use it offline?