Top 10 Cafés in Athens

This Top 10 list is made to help you find the ideal place to enjoy your coffee in Athens. Either if you are into small and cozy coffee shops, or you like big, busy places, you will certainly find a choice of your taste in this list.
Best choices of Athens Top cafés
October 7, 2016 by Eirini Cheimoniti


As much as Athens is a beautiful city, it is equally as big. If you are yet to find that out, you are sure to do it in your upcoming trip. Visiting a city like Athens, takes time and energy; knowing that you have a lot of free time, doesn’t make it a certainty you will have enough energy. Actually it is probable that you will run out of energy earlier than you run out of things to visit. Do not despair, the solution might just lay around the corner, literally. Here you will find out our Top 10 cafés in Athens, where great coffee and unique environment are a guarantee.

1. Balux Café House Project: a relaxing house by the sea.


Ever dreamed of living in a house by the sea? Balux Café offers you the chance to experience this while enjoying one of the tasty drinks or energizing coffee varieties. Her you can meet up with friends to enjoy a great time or set up business meetings to get things done. Good food is also available in case hunger kicks in.

Average cost: 4€ – 7€

Address: Leoforos Poseidonos 58, Glyfada, Greece

2. Zonars café: enjoy a sip of history.


Zonars café offers coffee with an amazing taste of history. Established in 1939, this café  (and restaurant) has offered Athenians and visitors a place of luxurious retreat. You can enjoy the coffee in a lovely scenary that has retained its historical design while listening to lovely music, from jazz to contemporary.

Average cost: 6€ – 8€

Address: Voukourestiou 9, Athens, Greece

3. Bios: art and coffee.


With a good view of the Acropolis and the support it offers to Athenian culture, BIOS is a place to visit for the ones who enjoy art. Bars, performance spaces and a cinema can all be found here; it is easy to understand why this café  grows along with Athens cultural life.

Average cost: 4€ – 6€

Address: Peiraios 84, Athens, 10435, Greece

4. Anafiotika café-restaurant: traditional café in picturesque environment.


Based in the historical center of Athens, Anafiotika café stands out for being a place where people of different ages and cultures come together. The beautiful architecture of the place invites you to find yourself in older times. This café in Athens is also located at the base of Acropolis.

Average cost: 3€ – 5€

Address: Mnisikleous 24B, Athens, Greece 

5. Minnie the Moocher: a true representation of the 1930’s.


If you want to take a break and go 80 years back in time in only one afternoon, Minnie the Moocher is the place for you. This café is built upon the 1930’s theme and it is a marvelous example of a bar from that time. Besides coffee, you can also enjoy a variety of interesting dishes.

Average cost: 4€ – 6€

Address: Tsakalof 6, Athens, Greece

6. Gazi College Eatery: all day – all night.


Gazi Collage Eatery is a beautiful place that has all you need: food, coffee, music, books. You will love its interior decoration, especially if you are a book lover.

Average cost: 3€ – 6€

Address: Persefonis 53, Athens, Greece

7. Kimolia Art Café: a cozy place in a busy city.


This café  will make you feel at home from the moment you first put your foot into it.  With its colored surroundings and comfortable chairs, the coffee won’t be the only thing you’ll love!

Average cost: 3€ – 6€

Address: Ypereidou 5, Athens, Greece

8. Warehouse: coffee and not only.


This café beautifully blends the industrial style that wood and iron create with jazz and vintage music. The coffee is served in a friendly environment, where people either chat or work. Here you can also have lunch or dinner, as well as brunch on Sundays.

Average cost: 3€ – 5€

Address: Mavromichali & Valtetsiou 21, Athens, Greece 

9. Six D.o.g.s: gathering art.


This café of industrial design, brings together arts, music and drinks. Being like a park, this place is ideal for visiting during summer days or nights!

Average cost: 3€ – 5€

Address: 6-8 Avramiotou str., 10551, Athens, Greece

10. Petit Fleur at Kolonaki: small place, great atmosphere.


Enjoy your coffee in Athens while listening to some soothing jazz/blues music. Besides coffee, sweets of the menu are also great!

Average cost: 3€ – 7€

Address: Omirou 44, Athens, Greece

There goes our Top 10 coffee shops list in Athens. Hopefully one of them is made for you!