Top 7 Dishes to Try in Athens

Mediterraneans are said to be skilled drivers, great swimmers and last but not least, great cooks. To help you witness the fame yourselves, we've selected 7 must-try dishes for your city break in Athens.
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November 4, 2016 by Eirini Cheimoniti


It is not every day that we get the chance to visit a different city or country. Traveling through Europe, one has the chance to experience a lot of diversity, regarding language, traditions, music, infrastructure, and last but not least, food.

Food in Europe can take you from extremely delicious to…well, weird. Almost never bad, but always interesting, traditional dishes are an opportunity to taste the country’s culture, literally!

In Athens things are just as one would expect. There are a lot of dishes from which you can choose. The possibility to make a bad decision is low and the decision-making process is very diverse. To help you, traveler, to get the most out of you trip to Athens, we’ve put up a list of top 7 dishes to try in Athens:

1. Souvlaki


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Of course the first Greek dish that comes to mind is Souvlaki. This food has two main sides: it is cheap and it is delicious. The ingredients that make this edible happiness are the so called pita, pork or chicken meat, tzatziki (sauce with garlic) and vegetables, such as onion, tomatoes and sometimes lettuce.

Preparation time: 2-5 minutes

Price: 1.7€ – 3€

Based on experience, not only will you love Souvlaki, but you will hardly ever say “no” to it. In order to prevent you from eating only Souvlaki, below is the second dish of our list.

2. Moussaka


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One of the most known Greek dishes, it is present in almost all special occasions and family reunions. Juicy and creamy, this delicious dish is easy to find in most taverns in Athens. Be it because of the tasty eggplants, or the nicely cooked minced meat, the taste of moussaka will be kept deep in your memory to remind you your trip to Athens.

Preparation time: 30-50 minutes

Price: 4€ – 7€

3. Greek Salad


Although not difficult to make on your own, serving a Greek salad in Greece has a special air around it. If you are a fan of salads and also like feta cheese, olive oil, tomatoes, and onions, you should definitely try this delicious dish during your stay in Athens; light and healthy, your stomach, as well as the overall sense of well being after eating it, will convince you that Greek salad is always a great choice.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Price: 5€ – 8€

4. Revithokeftedes


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Do you like chickpeas, garlic, onion, and pepper? How about consuming them round up in a delicious “revithokefte”? This good looking appetizer is best served with yogurt sauce and is a guarantee for the happiness of your stomach!

Preparation time: 60 minutes

Price: 5€ – 7€

5. Loukoumades


After all these tasty dishes you might be wondering where are the sweets. Well, this item on our list is as good as honey. That is because it is soaked in it, and not only, these fried dough balls are also soaked in.

Preparation time: approx. 60 minutes

Price: 2€ – 5€

6. Spanakopita


© @ scottscutlery

One can find pies almost everywhere in Athens. So a pie with spinach and feta cheese should come as no surprise. Easy made and with a delicious taste, it shouldn’t be left out of the top 7 dishes to eat in Athens.

Preparation time: approx. 60 minutes

Price: 5€ – 7€

7. Baklava


© @ bczkira

To end our list on a sweet note, Baklava will be the last recommended dish of this blog article. Probably when thinking of Greece, one links its name to the Ottoman Empire. Multiple layers of thin dough foil are separated by sweet nuts and spice mixture and soaked in a sweet tasting syrup made out of honey and lemon. Happiness on a plate you might call it.

Preparation time: 60 minutes +

Price: 3€ – 5€.

There goes our top 7 dishes to try in Athens. They can turn your vacations in Greece into a delicious memory, so make sure you do not miss  to try them all!