Top 7 Places to Go Shopping in Athens

Most of us enjoy shopping; recent studies found out that shopping is an effective way to deal with stress and besides this, shopping is fun. This article reveals for you the best places to go shopping in Athens.
Athens Shopping in Athens
November 8, 2016 by Eirini Cheimoniti


There is no trip without some shopping. Be it a simple walk to the nearest supermarket, or a full day of shopping apparel, shopping is an activity that brings us in contact with the local goods and traditional culture.  Shopping in a foreign country is not only satisfying needs, but actually immersing into the local way of living. Shopping in Athens, in particular, can be amazing, if you know where to go! For your next trip to Athens, we’ve made a list with top places for shopping. Hopefully this list will help you have an effortlessly planned shopping experience.

1. Plaka neighbourhood


The most historical neighbourhood of Athens city centre, Plaka, also known as the “neighborhood of the Gods”, is full of shops for all sorts of things. Walking on the marble streets you can spend an entire day visiting shops, selling from T-shirts to dried fruits, ouzo (the traditional Greek drink), bags and tons of souvenirs. Some of them are more traditional and touristic, while others, such as Flâneur and Forget Me Not, are modern and sophisticated.

Prices are more or less fair. Tip: try to negotiate the price of the souvenirs. You may get a better price when buying more than one item.

Also, don’t miss to visit Monastiraki Market, preferably on Sundays that the antiquities market is open.

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps. To see the best of Plaka while shopping, you can follow our recommended path, starting from Monastiraki Square.

2. Ermou Street


Ermou is the most popular shopping street in Athens. Starting close to the Parliament at Syntagma Square, Ermou is a pedestrian street, full of clothing and shoes stores. From the most known retailers such as Zara or H&M to smaller shops, Ermou Street is a shopping heaven. The street is very busy during the whole day. In case you get hungry, street vendors will offer you fried corn and traditional Greek food, such as “spanakopita” (spinach pie).

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.

3. Varvakios Central Food Market


If you are a fan of cooking and look forward to experimenting with Greek ingredients, then you should definitely visit Varvakios food market. A great variety of foods can be found here, from lamb, cow or pork meat, to fresh fish and vegetables. Plan your visit to last about an hour and be sure to wear good shoes, as the place can get a little slippery. The market remains open until 18:00.

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.

4. Attica Department Store


All popular fashion brands are gathered in Attica Department Store, housed in City Link, a beautiful neoclassical building in the city centre. If you love fashion, then you need to definitely include a visit to Attica and an after-the-shopping coffee or cocktail in legendary Athénée or one of the elegant cafes located in the arcade of the basement.

Also worth mentioning: Apart from the variety of fashion items, Attica is known for its impressive windows.

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.

5. Voukourestiou Street


Just opposite to Attica Department Store, is Voukourestiou Street, the most high-end street of Athens. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Chanel, Rolex…they are all there! Enjoy the atmosphere of affluence and look for the latest items launched by the leaders of the fashion industry.

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.

6. The Mall Athens


If you like malls, then think about visiting the “The Mall Athens”, as it is large, has a nice atmosphere and houses many shops and global brands from clothing to house wear. It also has a cinema, as well as a fair number of cafes and restaurants. One more good thing about it is that it is next to Nerantziotissa metro station. On Saturdays it is usually packed with people, as it is a preferred place for visit with kids. Shops are open Monday – Sunday, 10:00 – 21:00.

Tip: If you reach The Mall Athens by car, you can leave your car at the parking of 2,100 places. Rates are 1.5€ per hour, 4.5€ for the whole day and 3€ for the whole day on Sundays.

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.

7. McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens


Find the most iconic brands up to 70% off in McArthuer Glen, the first designer outlet in Greece. Apart from more than 100 boutiques, there you will find cafes and restaurants, as well as free parking.

You can get there by public transport if you take the bus 319 from Doukissis Plakentias Metro Station. Otherwise, it is approximately 30 minutes drive from the city centre. This translates to around 28€ if you go by taxi. The outlet is relatively close to the airport, so you can also go from there on the first or the last day of your trip to Athens.

Location: Click here for the exact location on Google Maps.

That was our brief list of top places for shopping in Athens. We hope you have a wonderful time discovering the Greek way of shopping!