Top 10 Restaurants in Athens

Did you ever visit a new city and had a difficult time finding a good restaurant? This article recommends you the best restaurants in Athens and turn the chance of finding a great place to eat into certainty.
July 27, 2016 by Eirini Cheimoniti


There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to leave the comfort of his household and adventure into the world. If that time has come for you too and you’ve decided that Athens should be your destination, this article will be a great support for your upcoming trip.

Food is representative of each culture, country and region. The food that you can find in Athens carries with it the history and tradition of Greece. Lao Tzu once said: “a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”. When it comes to restaurants, we believe that having a plan will add value to your trip, so, without any more introduction, here is our list of the Top 10 Restaurants in Athens!

1. Eleas Gi: tradition blended with elegance.


If you are looking for traditional Greek food, served in a beautiful location at the northern suburbs, Eleas Gi is the restaurant for you. You will go through a unique gastronomical journey offered with the best of Greek hospitality.

Average cost per person: 35€ – 50

Location: Dexamenis and Olimpionikon 4, Kifisia 145 63, Greece

2. Funky Gourmet: highly creative Greek cuisine.


In a modern place in the middle of the city, Funky Gourmet offers great food in a both friendly and elegant environment.

Average cost per person: 100€ / 150€ / 195 € (depending on the menu)

Location: Paramithias 13 and Salaminos, Athens, Greece

3. Ama Lahi stis Nefelis: great service in a beautiful atmosphere.


There are solid reasons to go to this restaurant, as it offers good food, a pleasant environment, as well as great service, at reasonable prices.

Average cost per person: 15€ – 20

Location: Kallidromiou 69, Athens, Greece

4. Spondi: top restaurant- French cuisine.


For the lovers of French cuisine, this top restaurant located in the center of Athens offers a pleasant blend of classicism and modernism.

Average price: 68€ – 128

Location: Pyrronos 5, Athens, Greece

5. O Tzitzikas kai o Mermigkas: warm atmosphere, cheerful attitude.


Based on traditional Greek recipes, this restaurant offers not only sophisticated dishes, but also a beautiful traditional Greek restaurant environment.

Average price: 20

Location: Mitropoleos 12, Athens, Greece

6. Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro: personal consultation, delicious dishes.


When coming to Athens you have to try the various types of wine, and there is no better place to do that than Vintage Wine Bar. Your wine can be accompanied by delicious food. The professional sommeliers are friendly and always ready to help you.

Average price: 22-30 

Location: Mitropoleos 66-68, Athens, Greece

7. Kiki de Grece: wine and food from all over Greece.


If you are a fan of jazz music and of good wine, Kiki de Grece is the place for you. The food is also a reason to make this restaurant be on your list of places-to-visit.

Average price: 6€ (for drinks); 20€ – 25€ (for dinner)

Location: Ipitou & Voulis 38, Athens, Greece

8. Kalamaki Kolonaki: delicious barbecue.


Sometimes comes the need for a nice grilled meat. Kalamaki offers it in a modern and trendy environment in the middle of one of the greatest neighborhoods in downtown Athens.

Average price: 3€ – 10

Location: Ploutarchou 32, Athens, Greece

9. Acropolis Museum Restaurant: Parthenon view, traditional food.


Delicious traditional Greek food and an absolutely beautiful view of the Parthenon make this restaurant a must visit place in Athens.

Average price: 25€ – 30

Location: Acropolis Museum, Dionysiou Areopagitou, Athens, Greece

10. 360° Cocktail Bar Restaurant: center of the city, amazing view.


Would you like to have a glance of Monastiraki square while enjoying a delicious coffee, or while having a quick meal? 360 Cocktail Bar Restaurant is so close to the Parthenon that you feel like you can actually touch it.

Average Price: 3.5€ – 9€ (drinks); 20€ – 25€ (dinner)

Location: Ifaistou 2, Athens, Greece

These are our top 10 recommended restaurants in Athens. Your choice depends on your style, preferred tastes and budget. The sure thing is that any of the above places you may choose, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience and to enjoy delicious food.