Your Think Athens Card

To be here, most probably you own a Think Athens Card.

This means that you own a unique code with which you can get a ready-to-use Think Athens Premium Agenda for the dates of your trip to Athens.


How it works, step by step:
1. Scratch at the back side of the card to see the code.
2. Add the dates of your trip at and push the button “download instantly”.
3. Select “already have a code for premium agenda” from the available options that appear on your screen.
4. Enter your unique code and press “continue”.
5. Enter your e-mail address; we’ll send your your agenda there.

What if I enter wrong dates or wrong e-mail?

Don’t worry! Your code lasts for one month since its first activation. You can use it to download as many agendas as you like, for as many different dates as you like!

What if the activities of the agenda I downloaded don’t really fit my interests or budget?
Using the url we sent you via e-mail, you can modify your agenda according to your own needs and interests. Choose your favourite ones among Think Athens recommended activities, carefully selected to fit different styles of good life lovers.

Where can I find a Think Athens Card?

At the most common places for an Athens’ visitor, like the press points at the airport and the kiosks in the city centre. Also, in sophisticated shopping locations like the GB Corner Gifts and Flavors of Grande Bretagne Hotel and carefully selected souvenir shops in Plaka and Monastiraki.

At GB Corner Gifts and Flavors

Hotel Grande Bretagne_Athens_5

More than a hotel, Grande Bretagne is a symbol of affluence and refinement for Athens. At its shop on the ground floor you will find Greek designers’ items, delicacies and wellbeing products, as well as handcrafted souvenirs and gifts.

Address:  Vasileos Georgiou A’ str., Syntagma Square, Athens
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 20:00

At Flâneur Souvenirs & Supplies

Flaneur 10

At Flâneur you will find sophisticated gifts, souvenirs and other objects, made for travel lovers. The whole experience feels more like a journey in the world of travel than shopping time.

Address: 1, Flessa Street, Plaka
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:30 – 21:30

At Forget Me Not


Are you a design lover? Then you need to visit this two-level store in the heart of Plaka where you will find objects, gifts, souvenirs and fashion from more than 100 designers.

Address: 100, Adrianou Street, Plaka
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 10:00-21:00

At Athens International Airport PressPoints


Athens International Airport is one of the most awarded airports, known for its facilities and services. At its presspoints you will find Greek and International Press, as well as other small objects for the first hours of your arrival at the city.

At kiosks at the city centre, the port and the airport

Greek kiosks, found roughly every 1o0 meters, are almost a landmark in Greece, known mainly for the fact that they are open almost always, from early in the morning till late at night, sometimes 24/7. There you will find water, refreshments, beers, press, cigarettes and more!

Still can’t find a Think Athens Card? Just contact us via our live chat and we’ll instantly give you a solution! 

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