Glyfada: Few hours by the sea in the most modern and busiest southern suburb

Home to many celebrities and beloved by most Athenians, Glyfada is a modern suburb in Athens Riviera. It's recommended for a walk, coffee, meal, drinks, shopping, swimming and even golf!
Golf Shopping Swimming Walk by the sea
Average Cost: 2.80€ for 2-way tram ticket

You can visit Glyfada either by car in 30 minutes from the city centre or by Tram, Line 5 (named “Platon”) in around 45 minutes from Syntagma Square. If Syntagma Square is not convenient for you, you can take the tram from any station of the pink line on below map.

ΜΕΤΡΟ χάρτης ΔΙΚΤΥΟΥ_ΤΕΛΙΚΟΣ_29-5-2013

To make it easier for you, this walk is designed based on the tram route and stations. But even if you decide to visit Glyfada by car, you can still use it, as cars follow the same route with the tram.

While being in the tram, you have the opportunity to see a few beautiful suburbs and enjoy the sea view.

In about 15 minutes since boarding at Syntagma Square tram station, you will pass by Nea Smyrni, a neighborhood full of cafes, bakeries, gelaterias and a nice green park.

Before reaching the beach, you will pass by Palaio Faliro, a peaceful, mainly residential district, once aristocratic and still popular for those who wish to live close to the sea and the city centre. If you have time, you can add in your walk the exploration of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre and Flisvos Marina.

Leaving Palaio Faliro, tram runs parallel to the coast: Edem, Alimos, Kalamaki, Plateia Vergoti with the yachts and Glyfada beach are quite popular beaches, where you can just ring the tram bell to make a stop and swim. Yet for really clear waters and a more premium experience, you’d better be patient until the end of this article! Worth mentioning is also the tram stop Zefyros, where popular Akanthus all day bar-restaurant is located.

Less than an hour since the beginning of this little trip, you will have reached Plateia Katraki in the centre of Glyfada. Get off the tram there and walk on Aggelou Metaxa Avenue, as per below path. Glyfada has more premium shops than any other district in Attica, so you will definitely be excused if you spoil yourself with some shopping! Walking in Glyfada centre you will shortly notice that there…style matters: girls are usually dressed up very well, following the latest fashion trends and they do take care of themselves, which probably explains the large number of hair and nail care salons. Celebrities also love Glyfada; many of them live or hang out there.

What most people don’t know about Glyfada, is that it also has a very good Golf Course (Konsantinou Karamanli street). Consider visiting it if you are a golf lover; the level of services will not disappoint you.

You can sit in one of the many coffeeshops or restaurants on Aggelou Metaxa Avenue, but our most recommended choice is to turn right on Panopis street, cross Posidonos avenue and enter Balux Cafe The House Project. With its own beach and the house-like interior design, including cafe-bar, restaurant and a playground, you can spend as much time as you wish there.

Glyfada_Handmade_Route_Map_Think Athens

Alternatively, get a taxi or an Uber and head to the best and most premium beach in Attica, the famous Astir Beach. The exquisite guest services, the elegant ambiance and of course the very clean waters are some of the elements that Astir Beach fans appreciate.

Astir BeachAstir Beach

Astir Beach Platinum LoungeAstir Beach Platinum Lounge

If you like thermal spas, don’t miss to visit Vouliagmeni Lake, a natural swimming pool at 22°C to 29°C all year long. It is located very close to Astir Beach and having its own restaurant, it can be an excellent all-day activity for the whole family.

Vouliagmeni Lake_1Vouliagmeni Lake

Photos: by Astir Beach and Vouliagmeni Lake