Hiking or climbing around Athens

There are many beautiful mountains around Athens, ideal for hiking or climbing. Seize the opportunity!
Climbing Hiking

There are many hills and mountains around Athens that offer an excellent landscape for hiking or climbing.

Mount Penteli is known for its Penteli Monasteri, but also for the Pentelic marble, used for all classical architectural masterpieces, like Acropolis.

Mount Hemyttos has not only very rich vegetation, but also strong links to the history of Athens.

For a shorter hiking route, you can prefer Lycabettus and Philopappou hills in Athens city centre.

Get more information about hiking and climbing around Athens by the Greek Federation for Hiking-Climbing (tel.: 210 3645904/ 210 3636617, address: 5 Milioni str., 106 73 Athens).

Photos: by @d.kokkoris and @nikos_michas