Katerina Vassou Jewellery: Handmade jewels for you and your friends

Modern handmade jewels for all budgets in Kolonaki neighbourhood.
Gifts Handmade jewels Kolonaki
Average Cost: From 18€

What we love most about Katerina Vassou is that her handmade jewels combine everything we look for when shopping while traveling: quality, fair prices, tradition without the folklore element. What more to ask for when looking for a gift to your best friend or a souvenir craved with elegance for yourself? And don’t forget, jewels are among those souvenirs and gifts that are very easy to fit in your luggage! 

All Katerina Vassou jewels are handmade. They are representative of Greek design, but still modern and elegant. Items are made of different materials, from silver to precious stones, so you can find anything you like, depending on your needs and budget.

Extra bonus: impeccable, honestly friendly service