Metro from/to Piraeus Port

It takes you to the city centre in about 20 minutes.
Metro Transportation from port
Average Cost: 1.40€

In case you travel by boat, you can get to the city centre from Piraeus Port (or the opposite) fast and easily by metro line 1 (green line). The Omonoia Square in the city centre is only 20 minutes away.

There is a bridge that connects the entrance of the port with the metro station. In case you debark from a boat that stops far away from the bridge, don’t worry; there is a bus that takes you for free to the entrance of the port (just opposite to the metro station).

Get a metro map at any metro station or download/print the picture below.

In Athens there is 1 integrated ticket for all means of transportation, valid for 90 minutes.
You validate it every time you enter and exit a metro station.
The ticket is rechargeable, so you can keep it for your whole stay in Athens, as long as it remains in good condition.


There are tickets for more than one journeys, as well as offers including your transfer from/to the airport.
Check all available options in below table.

Both case and credit cards are accepted for the tickets’ purchase.

Note: You can also charge your ticket with an amount of up to 50€, without buying a specific ticket product.

Attention: You have to validate your ticket every time you enter and exit a metro station.

Where to buy tickets:
Tickets can be purchased anytime, regardless of when you are going to travel. Tickets become valid with the first touch-in.
– Automatic ticket issuing machines at all Metro, Tram, and Suburban Railway stations. Half-priced tickets not available here.
– Ticket offices at most Metro, Tram and Suburban railway stations (operating the hours of Athens Metro ticket offices). Here you’ll also find half-priced tickets. Also, credit cards are accepted at a number of ticket offices.
– Blue/yellow ticket booths next to many central bus stations.
– Many newsstands/kiosks.
– Touristic tickets can be bought from Athens airport bus and metro stations.
– Airport express bus tickets can be bought from metro stations, blue/yellow ticket booths, or from the drivers of the airport buses.
– Airport metro tickets can be bought at all metro stations.


Photos: by Attiko Metro