Piree: The multi-functional art space of Piraeus

Great coffee, healthy smoothies, light food and premium drinks in a multi-functional art space that decided to free the artistic pulse of Piraeus. Closed on Mondays.
Cocktails Coffee Fingerfood Living art space
Average Cost: Coffee: 4€ / Drinks: 7-11€ / Food: 6€ - 13€

Kosmas Karavas, architect and owner of Piree, created this space with the vision to offer people the opportunity to interact with arts in their daily life, simply while drinking their coffee or drink. And he actually did. Above anything else, Piree is a living space of arts. It’s the place where a 30′ performance might start just next to you while you drink your wine.

But even if this doesn’t happen, art lives everywhere in Piree! Works of art are installed in the cafe-restaurant area and in the separate exhibition rooms. The decoration is industrial with vintage touches. Real plants give a sense of life on the walls of the once abandoned building. The roof is transperant, living the light coming in. Sometimes it’s even open, so that you can enjoy an undistracted view of the Greek sky. The music, from classic to jazz, retro and famous soundtracks, harmonically embraces the whole atmosphere, sometimes making you believe you play in an Italian movie.

Piree, being a real free thinking zone, is not made only for people actively related to arts. It’s made for anyone that loves arts. So, expect to meet real people, of any age and any style.

Apart from coffee, Piree can prepare for you a series of fresh juices and other sophisticated hot or cold beverages. If you wish to add some alcohol in the experience, you will definitely find a good choice in the comprehensive wine list or among the premium spirit brands and cocktails. The menu also includes some fingerfood choices, like salads and pecaditors (look like bruschettes), as well as four main dishes, from pasta to meat and fish.

Think about visiting Piree after your walk at the neighbourhoods of Piraeus.

Tuesday – Friday: 17:00 – 02:00,
Saturday – Sunday: 11:00 – 02:00

Closed on Mondays.

Photos: by Piree Facebook Page