New Lunch Restaurant – Coming Soon!!!

Enjoy your coffee, drink or "paleo" style dish amidst old vinyls and art exhibits in this historical building of old Athens.
Arts Coffee Drinks Food Historical centre Urban
Average Cost: 3€-20€

Located right under the Acropolis and built in 1845 to host King Otto’s stables, this historic building of modern Athens aims to be a platform for new experiences, ideas and collaborations.

Root Artspace is an urban style art and entertainment venue where you can have your coffee, drink, lunch or dinner, while listening to good music, attending a performance or visiting an art exhibition. Root even has an authentic vinyl record store and a cellar with 50 different wine varieties. Its restaurant has it all, but it focuses on the ”Paleo” principals, a global food movement that derives from the hunter-gatherer era and is based on fresh, organic and unprocessed ingredients.

The concept behind Root Artspace is to offer Athens a platform that people join to enjoy themselves while immersing into culture – all day long and without having to stay out late.

Open: daily, 9:00 – 01:00.