Sophia handmade accessories, objects and fashion: Enjoy thinking!

Objects, jewelry and fashion that make you "enjoy thinking"! Handmade by Greek designers for the world: you.
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You can distinguish the collections of Sophia (=wisdom) from their authenticity in telling the story of Greek design and the unique way that the ancient becomes modern, ready to decorate our home or equip our wardrobe. Statues are in vivid colors, just as they were in Ancient Greece. Cushions make us think and cups remind us that philosophy lives everywhere.

Objects vary from notebooks, t-shirts, bags and cushions, to statues, jewels, paintings and art de la table accessories. They are all handmade by Greek designers, with whom Sophia collaborates in the context of ethical trade and with a vision of empowering local economies and communities.

You can buy Sophia objects at Sophia Enjoy Thinking Live located in Kolonaki, or from their online shop, which also offers worldwide shipping service.

Also, you will find Sophia collections in selected shops and museums, including Louvre Museum, British Museum and Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.

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Photos: by Sophia Enjoy Thinking