Being quite affordable, fast and easy to find, taxi can be the main means of transport except for walking for some of you.
Taxi Transportation
Average Cost: Starting: 1.19€ + 0.68€/km (night: 1.19€/km)

In Athens taxi is easy to find by signaling the driver at the street or by going to a taxi station that you will see quite often.

The quality of services is pretty good. However, if you wish to make sure that you will be treated as a local and that you get the best out of your experience, you can use Beat: it’s an app that allows you to select your driver, based on proximity, profile and other users’ ratings. At the end of your trip you leave your rating, which is the way Beat makes sure the driver makes his best.

What you need to know:

Starting charge: 1.29€. The driver is obliged to start the meter at the beginning of your journey.

Daytime charge (tariff 1): 0.74€/km. This applies from 05:00 to midnight.  The taxi meter has to be set at “1”.

Night charge (tariff 2): 1,29€/km. This applies from midnight to 05:00.  The taxi meter should be set at “2”.

– Extra charge for every luggage heavier than 10kg: 0,43€. This is already included in the fixed rates for transfer to/from the airport (see “taxi from/to the airport”).

– Per hour waitng charge: 11.81 €/h.

– You don’t have to leave tip, although many people do so, usually from 0.5€ to 1.5€.