360° Cocktail Bar Restaurant: An urban roof at Monastiraki square

Enjoy your coffee, drink, lunch or dinner at the absolute centre - literally on Monastiraki square - with a 360° view! Good quick food choices available as well.
Acropolis view Coffee Drinks Food
Average Cost: Coffee: 4€ / Cocktails: 9€ / Dinner: 20€-25€

Acropolis Museum Restaurant: traditional cuisine with the view of Parthenon

The undoubtedly great view to Parthenon and its great menu inspired by local traditional recipes makes the Acropolis Museum Restaurant a great choice.
Local cuisine Museum restaurant
Average Cost: 25€ - 32€

Acropolis Museum: Acropolis’ treasures in an architectural masterpiece

One of the most important contemporary works of architecture in Athens, it houses priceless finds from the Acropolis monuments, including Parthenon marbles.
Acropolis Kids Museum Parthenon marbles
Average Cost: 5€ (Reduced: 3€) | Temporary exhibition: plus 3€ / Ε-ticket service available

Acropolis: the symbol of Athens

Feel the classical spirit and civilization while walking in front of monuments such as Parthenon and Erechtheion with Caryatids.
Acropolis Ancient Athens Sightseeing
Average Cost: 20€ (Reduced: 10€) / Multi-monuments package: 30€ (Reduced: 15€)

Ama lachei stis Nefelis: authentic Greek cuisine, nice atmosphere, excellent service

A nice restaurant with the atmosphere of a "tavern". Highly recommended!
Cosy Exarcheia Traditional cuisine
Average Cost: 15€ - 20€

Anafiotika cafe-restaurant: all eras blended magically to define Athenian beauty

An excellent choice for coffee, lunch or dinner at the heart of Anafiotika neighbourhood, built at the foot of Acropolis.
Acropolis Coffee Food Historical centre
Average Cost: 5€-15€

Arrive with Aegean Airlines

Direct flights to Athens from many European cities, at great prices.
Aegean Airtickets

Asummetro Cafe-Bar: The friendly corner of Koukaki neighbourhood

Friendly atmosphere, warm attitude and great cocktails in one of the most easy-going Athenian neighbourhoods, ten minutes walk from the Acropolis Museum.
Acropolis museum Cocktails Coffee Drinks Light food
Average Cost: 3€ - 8€

Athénée cafe – restaurant: Landmark of Athens city culture

With a long history dating back to 1939, Athénée is iconic of Athens city culture and a symbol of the envisioned Athens city centre revival.
City culture Historical cafe - restaurant
Average Cost: Coffee: 6€, Dessert: 12€, Dinner: 40€

Athens by Bike

Rent a bike and explore Athens on your own, or by joining a guided tour.
Bike rental Guided tour
Average Cost: Rental 11€/day, Tour 32€