Drunk Sinatra: probably the most cheerful 50’s – 60’s cafe bar in the city

Amazing soul, funky and blues music, '50s - '60s atmosphere, great place to mingle with friends.
50's & 60's Blues Cheerful Funky Soul Syntagma
Average Cost: 6€-10€

Gazi College Eatery: The place to eat and relax anytime of the day or night

Have your breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch or dinner in an urban-traditional eatery full of people and books!
All-day Brunch Coffee Drinks Food
Average Cost: 3€- 10€

Ipitou: The beloved street bar of the city centre

Imagine of a very small bar, a big square full of people, relaxing but cheerful music and great cocktails. Good, you are at Ipitou street bar!
Cocktails Coffee Drinks Historical centre
Average Cost: 3€ - 7€

Kimolia Art Cafe: vintage style and home-like atmosphere in the very downtown

Very cute cafe, great for coffee, light food or drinks! It hosts art exhibitions from time to time.
Coffee Cosy Drinks Light food Plaka
Average Cost: 3€-9€

Minnie The Moocher: 1930s themed bar with jazz swing mood and unique interior design

A true concept bar that stands out for its noteworthy decoration and very good music.
30's Coffee Drinks Food Jazz
Average Cost: 5€ - 10€

New Bar – Coming Soon!!!!

The most relaxing "bracket" in Athens city center. The cuisine is closed on Mondays.
American street food Cocktails Coffee Garden
Average Cost: 6€-11€

New bar – Coming Soon!

Wanna hide tonight? Kakounka is made for those for whom going out is a truly personal matter.
Hidden Jazz Retro
Average Cost: 5€

New bar – Coming Soon!!

Coffee, drinks, art, events, discussions, chessboards: A "place of applied aesthetics" in an exceptional three-level neoclassical building.
Arts Bar Coffee Drinks Gallery Music
Average Cost: 3€-6€

New bar – Coming Soon!!!

Worth attending live performances of world music, but also a great environment to drink your coffee, tea, wine or cocktail from 19:00 until late at night.
Ethnic Funk Jazz Soul World music
Average Cost: 4€-9€

New cafe – Coming soon!

Do you need something fresh, healthy but still not boring? To Tsai (="the tea") offers you a great variety of alternatives for your day and night!
Breakfast Brunch Coffee Tea
Average Cost: 3€-10€