1000mods live concert: Psychedelic and heavy rock

One more passionate performance by the Greek band 1000mods, for the fans of psychedelic and heavy rock music.
Psychedelic Live concert Heavy rock
Average Cost: 12€
Upcoming Event Date: 21/Sep/2018 21:00

Acosta danza: Celebrating 30 years in dance with Carlos Acosta

To celebrate his 30 years as an international dancer, renowned Carlos Acosta brings his company Acosta Danza to Athens to perform a mixed bill beneath the slopes of the Acropolis.
Odeon of Herodes Atticus Dance performance
Average Cost: 25€ - 120€
Upcoming Event Date: 26/Sep/2018 21:00

Amenra and Treha Sektori

Amenra phenomenon and Treha Sektori will take you to a dark and mysterious journey to rock.
Live performance Mixed rock
Average Cost: 25€
Upcoming Event Date: 14/Dec/2018 20:00

Athens Marathon. The Authentic 2018: Marathon Race and Power Walking (42km)

The major athletic event in Greece will welcome more than 50,000 runners. Run the race, fight the distance!
Athens Marathon Running race 42km race Power walking
Average Cost: 30€ - 100€
Upcoming Event Date: 11/Nov/2018 09:00

Athens Wine Tasting Classes – Class A

Enjoy a stimulating wine tasting experience under the expert guidance of our sommeliers, featuring some of the most famous Greek award-winning wines.
Wine Tasting Classes Class A
Average Cost: 40€ - 50€
Upcoming Event Date: 21/Sep/2018 18:00

Athens Wine Tasting Classes – Class B

Learn all about the world’s oldest Grapevines, explore grape varieties from different regions of Greece, and learn to identify their subtle differences.
Wine Tasting Classes Class B
Average Cost: 40€ - 50€
Upcoming Event Date: 21/Sep/2018 19:30

Ballet performance: Spartacus by Bolshoi Yuri Grigorovich

At last through years Bolshoi legend Yuri Grigorovic returns to Athens to present Spartacus by Aram Chatasurian.
Odeon of Herodes Atticus Ballet performance Bolshoi Yuri Grigorovich
Average Cost: 26€ - 115€
Upcoming Event Date: 10/Oct/2018 20:30

Bridges of Culture by George Dalaras & the İzmir State Symphony Orchestra

George Dalaras and the İzmir State Symphony Orchestra will give a this concert, as part of the cultural collaboration between İzmir and Nea Smyrni, the old and the new Smyrna respectively.
Odeon of Herodes Atticus İzmir State Symphony Orchestra George Dalaras
Average Cost: 20€ - 105€
Upcoming Event Date: 29/Sep/2018 21:00

Brit Floyd: Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon greatest tribute

Brit Floyd, the world’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute show returns for a very special '45th Anniversary' retrospective of Pink Floyd’s iconic album, The Dark Side of the Moon.
Rock Pink Floyd tribute
Average Cost: 33€ - 39€
Upcoming Event Date: 16/Nov/2018 21:30

Cinderella by the Russian Ballet Theater | 12:00

One of the most popular and melodious compositions, Cinderella by Sergei Prokofiev, will be presented for the first time in Greece by the Russian Ballet Theater.
Russian Ballet Theater Cinderella
Average Cost: 15€ - 30€ (reduced: 10€ - 20€)
Upcoming Event Date: 21/Oct/2018 12:00
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