The Zillers Roof Garden: Fine Greek cuisine meets urban design

Excellent tastes and atmosphere of "new old Athens" in one of the most elegant urban gardens of the city, viewing Acropolis.
Acropolis view Cocktails Fine Greek cuisine
Average Cost: Dinner: 30€ - 40€, Cocktails: 9€ - 12€

Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro: classy and gourmet

Advanced service with personal consultation on the long wine list and the delicious dishes.
City centre Vintage Wine bar
Average Cost: 22€ - 35€

Warehouse: Urban all-day cafe and wine bar at Exarchia

True all-day choice: great quality of coffee, very good selection of wines and worth tasting choices of food, either to accompany your drink or as a full meal, from breakfast and brunch to dinner.
All-day & night Food Sunday brunch Urban
Average Cost: Coffee: 3€ / Drinks: 7€ / Food: 15€ - 20€