Attica City Link: your meeting point with fashionable brands

Large and trendy, with the most known upper class brands. There are many cafes on the ground floor as well.
Fashion Shopping

Benaki Museum Shops: Take the best samples of contemporary craft and design of Benaki with you!

Benaki museum has developed a very active chain of 4 shops housed in the museum buildings, while all pieces are also available online. With all the activities, from collaborations with designers to regular events and exhibitions, it redefines what we know as a "museum shop".
Arts Museum Online shopping Shopping

Christmas Holiday Market – Coming soon!

Handmade objects and gifts in a Christmas market organized in the absolute city centre!
Christmas market Handmade

Discover Neoclassical Athens and Kolonaki, the kingdom of urban elegance

Full of shops, offices, galleries and cafes, Kolonaki is vivid, classy and very representative of modern Athenian lifestyle trends.
Arts Athenian Trilogy Design Shopping Urban adventures
Average Cost: 0€

Flâneur Souvenirs & Supplies: Urban explorers’ place to be

Made by travel lovers for travel lovers, this gifts and souvenirs shop is the next step of your world exploration.
Souvenirs Travel objects Urban

Forget Me Not: Contemporary Greek design of high quality and creative authenticity

In Forget Me Not, located in the heart of Plaka, you will find objects by both the most recognized and the most promising upcoming Greek designers. Online shopping available.
Gifts Online shopping Souvenirs

Katerina Vassou Jewellery: Handmade jewels for you and your friends

Modern handmade jewels for all budgets in Kolonaki neighbourhood.
Gifts Handmade jewels Kolonaki
Average Cost: From 18€

Museum of Cycladic Art Online Shop

Buy replicas of the museum exhibits, designer's homewear items, jewels or toys inspired by Cycladic Art and receive them at home! Find also amazing seasonal gifts!
Cycladic art Online shopping Shopping

Sophia handmade accessories, objects and fashion: Enjoy thinking!

Objects, jewelry and fashion that make you "enjoy thinking"! Handmade by Greek designers for the world: you.
Greek designers Online shopping Worldwide shipping

While waiting for your flight departure at the airport…

At the Athens International Airport, visitors usually get amazed with how interesting the waiting time for their flight departure can be!
Airport services & facilities