Acropolis: the symbol of Athens

Feel the classical spirit and civilization while walking in front of monuments such as Parthenon and Erechtheion with Caryatids.
Acropolis Ancient Athens Sightseeing
Average Cost: 20€ (Reduced: 10€) / Multi-monuments package: 30€ (Reduced: 15€)

Athens by Bike

Rent a bike and explore Athens on your own, or by joining a guided tour.
Bike rental Guided tour
Average Cost: Rental 11€/day, Tour 32€

Discover Neoclassical Athens and Kolonaki, the kingdom of urban elegance

Full of shops, offices, galleries and cafes, Kolonaki is vivid, classy and very representative of modern Athenian lifestyle trends.
Arts Athenian Trilogy Design Shopping Urban adventures
Average Cost: 0€

Glyfada: Few hours by the sea in the most modern and busiest southern suburb

Home to many celebrities and beloved by most Athenians, Glyfada is a modern suburb in Athens Riviera. It's recommended for a walk, coffee, meal, drinks, shopping, swimming and even golf!
Golf Shopping Swimming Walk by the sea
Average Cost: 2.80€ for 2-way tram ticket

Grand Promenade (incl. Acropolis)

Enjoy the ancient landscape in the tranquil setting of the biggest pedestrian zone in Europe.
Acropolis Archaeological park Sightseeing Walk
Average Cost: 0€ / with entrance to Acropolis: 20€ (Reduced: 10€)

Hiking or climbing around Athens

There are many beautiful mountains around Athens, ideal for hiking or climbing. Seize the opportunity!
Climbing Hiking

Kifissia: The aristocratic district of the northern suburbs

Great for walking, shopping, or just relaxing in one of its cafes, Kifissia, known for its beautiful houses, is the richest district of the northern suburbs.
Northern suburb Shopping Walk

Lycabettus Hill: view up to the sea

A forest in the heart of the city with a view all over Athens!
City centre Hill View Walk
Average Cost: 5€ - 7€ (only if you use the funicular)

Philopappou Hill: a park in the historical centre

The absolute relaxation with the best view of Acropolis.
Acropolis view City centre Hill Kids Walk

Piraeus: Yachts, seafood and different nightlife style

Walk next to the yachts, enjoy your coffee or delicious meal by the sea and get lost in the neighborhoods that surround the biggest port of Greece!
Port Sea Walk