The Underdog cafe-bar: Top coffee quality, tasty brunch and great hospitality next to Acropolis Hill

A new, urban cafe-bar in Thiseio, just opposite to the Acropolis Hill. Great quality of beverages, tasteful brunch daily and exceptionally friendly and skillful team. Kid friendly as well.
Brunch Coffee Drinks Kids friendly
Average Cost: Coffee: 3.5€ / Drinks: ca 6€ / Brunch: ca 7€

Make a stop during your walk at the Grand Promenade of Athens for a coffee, juice or brunch. The Underdog opened its doors in 2015 to introduce industrial style and modern attitude in the most ancient neighbouhood of Athens.

Wooden school chairs, painted walls, big windows of glass and metal and a nice backyard set the decor. The amazing personnel, that will make you rethink what “welcome” means. The awarded coffee varieties, the healthy juices and the rich brunch menu guarantee you will enjoy the quality you expect.

The Underdog’s audience varies in age and style. From people working on their laptops to couples and groups of friends, The Underdog fits them all. The large open space and the serious attitude towards non-smoking rules in the indoor spaces make the place popular to young families as well.

Daily, 09:00 – 23:00.
Brunch: daily, 10:00 – 17:30.

Photos: by The Underdog Facebook page